& Thank you for checking out my music!
My name is MARJO WILSON and I am from a little town in Northern CA.  I write songs, sing, play guitar and lead a band. 
Sometimes we are called THE MARJO WILSON BAND,  sometimes THE MARJO WILSON TRIO,  & sometimes I perform solo.
I have 10 albums of original Indie Americana Rock music. The band is mostly a dance groove band. The Trio features a more intimate vibe exploring a wide range of music, from folk song style to funky dance grooves..  I grew up in the country - and I still live in the country.  My music often feels retro /americana /rock - but the lyrics often reflect the country life I live- so the set is definitely an eclectic mix of roots beat and melody. - "A little bit of jazz- a little bit of swing - a little bit of blues -and the country thing.... i don't care what you kind-a side-you're -on-a ...when you put it all together and it's - Sweet Americana!"  (lyrics from a song I wrote called "Sweet Americana" on the "Covelogirl" album.
I also play calming instrumental set- creating a mellow vibe as background atmospheric music for social gatherings. I hope you enjoy listening to some of my tracks.  I deeply appreciate any and all support!  (digital downloads available here. )