Marjo Wilson: Singer/Songwriter Musician, Fine Artist and Early Music Educator from Covelo, CA:

My music is rooted in the Blues and features a mix of Americana beats--  from Latin- to Swampy- to Country- to Funky- to FolkRock- to Reggae- to Jazzy and more...”

I love playing with the full Band - blasting out the beats with the full sound.

I also love playing with my Trio- just a few of us, allowing us to "groove-it-up" dance style, acoustically, as well as "bring-it-down" for a more thoughtful and intimate set.

Most recently I've been enjoying playing a mellow acoustic instrumental set with my guitar and a loop pedal. My intention is to create calm, soothing energy for the heart and mind. I love this in-the-moment improve style... it is the closest thing that I've every done musically that feels like I'm "painting with sound." I am also a fine art painter so the act of painting is something I do intuitively and naturally. Whether it is painting for the eyes- or for the ears, this form of expression is deeply joyful for me. ( visit: )

I also have a musical project that focuses on Early Music Education for parents and the very young. This project features a character I have created named COTTON DANDEE and teaches basic beat - with hopes of inspiring more "Parent-Child music interaction at home and in the car." Patterning the brain with simple melodic pattern and beat has been proven scientifically to be greatly beneficial to the overall health and development of the very young- as well as being highly beneficial for the aging brain in the elderly. For more info check out:  COTTON DANDEE

I strive for a connection with people through the music- through the beat. And I enjoy an intellectual connection with people as well, the raising of awareness and consciousness, about our world as well as our own individual reality and potential.