Shindig @ the Northfork

Well- that was fun!- it was cold outside but we rocked it up in the warmth of the NOFO lounge anyway.

Thanks to all who braved the chill and made it out to dance with us!
Thanks to Bear and Cove for the Multimedia big screen, and cameras- etc...

Thanks to Denny for having the North Fork Cafe for us all to converge on- to eat, drink, (dance!) and be merry!

Hope to expand on the idea of having multi media accompany our live shows-

I'm interested in getting the whole room in participation - highlighting the dance floor etc...

maybe we need a disco ball... anyone got an extra dico ball to hang in the NOFO?

Open to other ideas on how to make our Covelo nights even more creative! (not that they aren't dynamic and highly entertaining already!- I just want to encourage people's imaginations and input!)

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